Photo: Washington Wizards/X

Washington Wizards GM Will Dawkins is super excited about Brian Keefe officially becoming head coach (8-31 as interim HC last season).

(via Washington Wizards):

“Many of you guys know Brian and are familiar with Brian from his year here with us this season. When I think of Brian at his core: he’s someone who connects with people, he’s someone who is a teacher, he’s someone who is a developer, and he’s someone who is proven in motivating people. Those are things that he’s always been about. Those are things he did when he was our interim coach, and those are things that he’s going to continue to do when he’s pushing us forward. So we’re excited, we’re happy. Going through this process with Mike [Winger] and all of our staff, we wanted to make sure that we got to know everybody, but really get to know everything we could about Brian. My first time that I met him in 2008, what really I remember is how much time he took to get to know me as a person. And I think if you look around this room and you see the players and the staff that are here to support, I think he got to know a lot of people because he’s genuine, he invests in people, he puts himself last, he puts the players and team first. We’re really, really excited about that. We’re happy for the person, but also happy for the coach that we’re getting. 

“He’s someone who has a diverse skillset, has a growth mindset, he’s always looking for ways to get better. I’m excited to see what he can come up with with a full summer and training camp and everything to get ready and going. 19 years now in the NBA, almost 20. In that 19 years he’s had an array of opportunities at different organizations at different timelines, some through the rebuild, some through competitive play. He’s touched a lot of different players, some top end talent, and had them at different parts of their career from rookies raising them up, to All-Stars, to Hall of Fame guys. And when he was involved with them, he poured into them, they learned, they grew, no matter where they were. I think even in the phase he was here as an assistant, but also as the lead man last year, he definitely poured into the guys, and they felt that. So, we’re excited for that. The 30 games that we saw as interim coach, this is just the beginning. It’s the foundational building blocks that he put together that is going to help us continue to have this sustained success that we’re looking for. He understands that and is ready for the challenge, he’ll be a great partner with everybody in the building.”