Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

Former NBA star Tracy McGrady recently shared his thoughts on Steph Curry’s all-time ranking, stating that the four-time champion hasn’t cracked his top 10 yet.

McGrady, a seven-time All-Star, expressed his criteria for ranking players, emphasizing the importance of making the playoffs even without key teammates.

“No… He hasn’t cracked my top 10 yet,” McGrady said during an interview.

McGrady’s comment was driven by his belief that the ability to carry a team to the playoffs despite injuries or absences is crucial for top-tier players.

“To me, if one of your guys is missing and you can’t make the playoffs, I can’t put you in [my] top 5 or top 10,” McGrady elaborated, referencing Curry’s seasons impacted by injuries to teammates.

“When one of your guys is out, you still got to elevate your team at least to the playoffs,” T-Mac said.

Curry, a two-time MVP and widely regarded as the greatest shooter in NBA history, has transformed the game with his long-range shooting and skill set.

Despite Curry’s accolades and influence on the sport, McGrady’s stance highlights the diverse opinions on what defines an all-time great.

Curry has been instrumental in leading the Golden State Warriors to multiple championships, but McGrady’s remarks suggest that sustained success under adversity is a key factor in his rankings.