Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

Draymond Green clapped back at Rasheed Wallace for saying the 2004 Pistons would crush the 2017 Warriors.

Wallace claimed the Pistons would dominate because the Warriors couldn’t match up with them at any position.

“[We] would’ve beat the sh*t out of [the 2017 Warriors] because for the simple fact that they couldn’t match up with us at any position… Steph [Curry] not a defender… Draymond [Green] is too little,” Wallace said.

Green responded strongly on social media, refuting Wallace’s claims about the Warriors’ defensive capabilities.

“Sheed we would’ve smacked yall,” Green tweeted, highlighting the Pistons’ scoring struggles compared to the Warriors’ offensive prowess.

Green emphasized the mismatch potential in pick-and-roll situations involving Wallace and the Warriors’ dynamic offense.

“Yall was scoring 72 points per game. That’s not winning a half. And we putting you and them big ass forces in every pick and roll. Let’s see you move them feet,” Green tweeted.

Green also acknowledged the success of the 2004 Pistons while maintaining confidence in his own team’s abilities.

“That one ring was great though big bro. We all appreciated it!” Green tweeted, recognizing Wallace’s championship with the Pistons.

The 2004 Pistons were known for their tough defense and physical play, while the 2017 Warriors were celebrated for their offensive firepower and versatility.

As the NBA continues to evolve, comparisons between past and present teams remain a popular topic among basketball enthusiasts.