Photo: Indiana Pacers/X

Indiana Pacers GM Chad Buchanan thinks that the roster saw what it takes to really lock in on defense and get stops from the Boston Celtics during their Eastern Conference Finals loss.

(via Indiana Pacers):

Reporter: “What did these playoffs, this run, tell you that you still need? Whether that’s on a personnel level or whether it’s on a development level, what did it tell you that you guys need to make that kind of run?”

Buchanan: “I would say as you watch the team that eliminates you, it’s always fresh in your mind what they did to beat you. I think Boston, obviously they’ve got more experience than us, No. 1, but they have a tremendous defensive foundation. When we needed to try and score these last couple games, it’s been very, very challenging. They really came together and got stops when they needed to, and I think our players really recognized the importance of being able to get stops as you get deeper into the playoffs. The good teams, when they need to buckle down and make it really challenging for you to get a good look, they do that. That’s one thing that I think we take away that’s going to be important for us moving forward if we want to take another step.”