Photo: Oklahoma City Thunder/Twitter

Former NBA standout Gilbert Arenas has voiced his strong opinion, declaring Shai Gilgeous-Alexander as this season’s Most Valuable Player (MVP).

In an impassioned statement, Arenas emphasized Gilgeous-Alexander’s impact on the Oklahoma City Thunder, a youthful squad currently exceeding expectations in the Western Conference.

“This is the MVP. Shai is the MVP this year,” said Arenas, highlighting the absence of seasoned veterans on the Thunder roster and the responsibility placed on Gilgeous-Alexander’s shoulders to guide a young team to success.

Arenas emphasized that Gilgeous-Alexander’s ability to elevate his teammates’ play to a level beyond their years is a testament to his MVP-worthy contributions.

“There’s not a veteran on that team that has any experience of winning,” Arenas continued. “This is him pushing his 22, 23, 24-year-old team. Has them in a position to be the number one, two, three seed.

“Denver, those are vets. You expected vets to win and understand how to win. You don’t expect a young team… if this team was 10th, nobody be saying nothing. Because you expect that.

“So the fact that they are in a position that they are in the young fella is carrying and having these other young players playing like they are veteran, that is f*cking MVP.”

With impressive statistical averages of 30.3 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 6.3 assists per game, Gilgeous-Alexander has been a driving force behind the Thunder’s unexpected surge this season.