Photo: Peter Baba

Sports analyst Chris Broussard suggests that LeBron James’ championship prospects with the Los Angeles Lakers are slim unless the team acquires a third superstar, specifically naming LeBron’s former teammate Kyrie Irving.

However, Broussard acknowledges the unlikelihood of Irving joining the Lakers, as his current team, the Dallas Mavericks, values him highly.

Expressing skepticism, Broussard emphasizes that the Lakers’ current success may not translate into future championships without the addition of a player like Irving.

“I don’t think he will”” Broussard said on Firs Things First about James’ prospects of winning another title with the Lakers.

“This is the one way I think he could win another championship. And this won’t happen because this team is playing really well. If they somehow were able to get Kyrie Irving.

“And you’re talking about AD, LeBron, and Kyrie. Kyrie knows how to play with LeBron. He’ll defer to LeBron. Respects LeBron. I think they would be able to win a championship. But that’s not going to happen, obviously Dallas is happy with Kyrie. Otherwise I don’t see them winning it.”

Despite the speculation, Broussard acknowledges the challenges of orchestrating such a significant roster move, given Irving’s commitment to the Mavericks.