Photo: Charlotte Hornets/Twitter

Isaiah Thomas expressed gratitude for the opportunity provided by the Phoenix Suns as news circulated about his second 10-day contract. Despite only making brief appearances in two out of six games as a Sun, Thomas has reportedly impressed in practice and has been commended by coach Frank Vogel for his influence in the locker room.

Vogel emphasized Thomas’s significance, highlighting his status as a two-time All-Star with a respected voice and high basketball IQ. Thomas’s insights have been valued by the team, with Vogel noting that his presence carries weight among the players, a quality desired in such roles.

“He’s been a really important voice,” Vogel said on Friday. “Two-time All-Star that guys respect and he’s got a high IQ. So he can point out things that we can do better, we’re not doing well enough. Everybody in the locker room respects him and likes him and his voice carries weight. That’s what you want with guys in those type of roles.”