Photo: New York Knicks/Twitter

New York Knicks center Isaiah Hartenstein disclosed that he is actually black during an appearance on the Roommates Show.

During the show hosted by fellow Knicks players Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart, Hartenstein was asked to explain his blackness.

Hartenstein humorously described himself as “brightskin,” explaining that his father is black.

“You know it’s like lightskin? I’m brightskin,” Hartenstein said. “I’m above lightskin. My dad is black. Any time people find out… when they find out I’m black, you got the good handshake, it changes. The whole vibe changes. It goes from ‘Hey Zay how you doing?’ to ‘Yo Zay what up man you good?'”

Hartenstein’s father, Florian Hartenstein, who is a former basketball player, is of mixed African-American heritage.