Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

Golden State Warriors’ former general manager and current ESPN analyst, Bob Myers, recently shared his longing to witness NBA icons Stephen Curry and LeBron James sharing the court on the same team for one season.

Speaking before the Warriors’ recent game against the Lakers, Myers lamented, “You know what I wish? I wish we could have seen [Curry and James] on the same team for one season,” as reported by Angelina Martin of NBC Sports Bay Area.

Myers, reflecting on the potential synergy between Curry and James, emphasized their perfect complementarity beyond their superstar status. He remarked, “Because you know why? They’re perfect complements to each other.”

Highlighting Curry’s off-ball movement and James’ exceptional playmaking abilities, Myers expressed regret over the missed opportunity to witness these two basketball maestros collaborate. He stated, “Curry and LeBron, more than anybody understands, complement each other on the basketball court.”