Photo: New York Knicks/X

The Timberwolves were actively pursuing Donte DiVincenzo in free agency last summer. He considered offers from various teams, including the Knicks, and sought advice from former teammate Stephen Curry.

Ultimately, Curry confirmed that New York would be the ideal fit for DiVincenzo’s skill set, solidifying his decision to join the Knicks.

“Just looking at the depth chart and the role he could play, what they needed,” Curry said. “They were already a playoff team, starting to trend in the right direction.

“Then (there is) his familiarity with their players from college. That made it so he’d have the opportunity to go in and do exactly what he did for us. He’s a smart, high-IQ basketball player who plays defense.”

DiVincenzo expressed his preference to remain with the Golden State Warriors if a competitive offer had been on the table.

Despite this, he valued and appreciated the input of Curry, who played a pivotal role in advising him during the decision-making process, as reported by DiVincenzo.

“I’m a grown man. I make my own decisions, but to have somebody of that stature to almost voice the opinion that I’m thinking – it makes you feel good about the decision you’re making, rather than if he says something way out of left field and you kind of start to question things,” DiVincenzo said. “… He reinforced what I was thinking about New York.”