Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis recently shared his thoughts on the perennial issue of lack of competitiveness in the NBA All-Star Game.

Despite efforts by the league to enhance competition, this year’s showcase once again prioritized offense over defense, resulting in a record-setting victory for the Eastern Conference stars.

Davis addressed the delicate balance between entertaining fans and safeguarding players from potential injuries in the exhibition game.

“Obviously the fans and the league and everybody wants to be competitive, but then you also as players think about trying not to get hurt,” Davis said, per Tim Bontemps of ESPN.

Acknowledging the desire for competitiveness, Davis emphasized the importance of player safety, highlighting the reluctance to risk injuries that could impact their respective teams’ seasons.

“So it’s some mixed emotions about it. You try to go out there and compete a little bit and not just be a highlight show. But at the same time, do you guys really want to see somebody going down for a dunk and somebody going to contest it and, God forbid, something happens in the All-Star Game when it could have been avoided?” Davis continued.

Expressing mixed emotions, Davis underscored the inherent challenge of balancing entertainment value with the inherent risks of on-court competition.