Photo: Philadelphia 76ers/X

New Philadelphia 76ers sharpshooter Buddy Hield says that he’s having a ton of fun playing for head coach Nick Nurse (averaging 22.3 PPG/4.0 RPG/7.5 APG/1.8 SPG/52.3% FG/45.0% 3-PT/75.0% FT in four games).


“Nick is really fun to play for. He brings a lot of excitement to the game. As a player, you light up. When I first got here, trying to figure everything out, everything was just fast. The second game, just locking into play calling and stuff. He makes the game really fun for you to play with. He makes a free style of play. He draws plays for everybody. He knows guys’ tendencies and he just knows his players. A coach that knows his players and gives you an opportunity to play and have fun and he plays free. He’s not down your neck, breathing and shouting at you, and playing for coaches like that is fun. He makes the game so enjoyable to play in and he gives you confidence. He lifts you up and he builds you up. Playing for a coach like that, you don’t have nothing to worry about. Just thinking like, ‘Oh, I wonder what coach is thinking of is that a good shot or bad shot?’ He wants you to be aggressive, and that’s fun.”