Photo: Miami Heat/Twitter

Bam Adebayo is set to make history as the first Miami Heat player to start in an All-Star Game since Dwyane Wade in 2016. Head coach Doc Rivers selected Adebayo for the Eastern Conference starting lineup as an injury replacement for Joel Embiid.

Rivers noted that with the East’s All-Star roster leaning towards guards and wings, Adebayo stood out as the most suitable choice to fill the center position in place of the injured Embiid.

“My lineup decision was easy,” Rivers said. “I looked at Big Joel out, what other (center) do we have on the team, and Bam got the honor. It’s good for him, too. It’s funny, I told him in locker room.

“He didn’t know. I thought he knew because I told the league yesterday that he did know. You could tell he was very happy about it.”