Photo: Shams Charania

Pat McAfee, host of the “Pat McAfee Show,” decided to probe Shams Charania about his relationship status with Kay Adams, an inquiry sparked by Charania gifting Adams a pair of sneakers for Valentine’s Day, as revealed on a YouTube exclusive of Adams’ FanDuel TV show “Up & Adams.”

When confronted with the question, Charania skillfully sidestepped the query, leaving the nature of his relationship with Adams shrouded in mystery.

“That’s a great colleague of mine, I think she’s amazing,” he said while stuttering and then turning things back to McAfee. “You got to know her a little bit, too. I think she’s amazing at what he does, I enjoy going on her show.

“Obviously, she has, to me, like with you, similarly, she makes me feel comfortable while I’m on her show, you make me feel comfortable.”