Photo: USC Trojans/Twitter

Austin Rivers expressed reservations about the prospect of LeBron James and his son Bronny teaming up on an NBA roster.

Rivers, drawing from personal experience playing under his father, Doc Rivers, believes that the dynamics of a father-son duo in the league could potentially overshadow Bronny’s individual growth and identity.

Speaking on ESPN’s NBA Today, Rivers emphasized his desire to shield Bronny from any potential negativity that could arise from playing alongside his father.

“I don’t want to see Bronny play with [LeBron]… Him getting drafted and playing with his dad, I don’t want that negativity to come his way. He doesn’t deserve it… [He needs to] play somewhere where he can niche out his own identity,” Rivers remarked.

While LeBron has openly expressed his aspiration to share the court with his son, recent remarks suggest a shift in perspective, acknowledging the importance of Bronny’s autonomy and career aspirations.

Despite LeBron’s longstanding dream of teaming up with Bronny, considerations for his son’s individual journey and development may influence future decisions.

As Bronny progresses through his collegiate career at USC, speculation surrounding his potential NBA trajectory continues to capture headlines.