Photo: New Orleans Pelicans/Twitter

The Houston Rockets are intensifying their efforts to expedite their rebuilding process under the guidance of new head coach Ime Udoka.

With burgeoning talents like Alperen Sengun, Jaylen Green, Jabari Smith Jr., and Cam Whitmore already in their ranks, the Rockets are actively monitoring the availability of established All-Star players to bolster their lineup.

According to insights from Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports, the Rockets are poised to leverage their arsenal of future draft picks, salary cap flexibility, and promising young assets to assemble competitive trade packages for elite talents.

Fischer’s report suggests that Houston was prepared to engage in trade discussions for premier stars like Donovan Mitchell, Joel Embiid, or Zion Williamson if they were to become available this season. However, as of now, no players of such caliber are on the trade market.

The Rockets’ strategic approach aligns with their long-term vision of restoring competitiveness and contending for championships in the future.

With an emphasis on acquiring established stars to complement their burgeoning talent pool, Houston aims to expedite their ascent back to contention in the NBA.