Photo: LA Clippers/Twitter

In a recent episode of “7PM in Brooklyn,” former NBA star Carmelo Anthony delved into the reasons behind the admiration young players have for Paul George, the standout player for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Anthony emphasized George’s unique skill set, describing him as the epitome of the ideal player—a six-eleven athlete with exceptional ball-handling abilities, shooting prowess, and a killer instinct.

According to Anthony, George embodies the mold that many young players aspire to emulate in today’s game.

As Anthony discussed George’s qualities, he highlighted the allure of a player who can handle the ball effectively, shoot with precision, and serve as a lethal scorer—a combination that resonates with the aspirations of the younger generation.

“You talking about the mold of six-eleven, can handle, can shoot, a sniper, a killer. That’s the mold,” Anthony said. “So these young kids today they want that mold. Why you think a lot of kids today is talking about PG? … It’s no disrespect to nobody, that’s the mold of what – when you create a player on 2K, you creating that.”

The admiration for George extends beyond his on-court abilities, encapsulating the image of a complete player that young basketball enthusiasts often envision when creating their virtual players in video games like NBA 2K.

Brandon Miller, the Charlotte Hornets’ number two draft pick, stands out as one of the prominent examples of young players expressing George as their favorite.