Photo: Atlanta Hawks/X

Atlanta Hawks head coach Quin Snyder wants Trae Young to continue playing the right way so he can become even more efficient (averaging 34.8 PPG/4.3 RPG/13.3 APG/50.0% FG/46.8% 3-PT/88.5% FT during his last four games).

(via Atlanta Hawks):

Reporter: “Trae’s had 30 points and 10 assists in four straight games. Do you feel like he’s sort of in the best groove of his career?”

Snyder: “I know from my perspective, the things that he’s doing, getting us in the flow of the game early and letting the game come to him is really important. I’m not concerned about his numbers. I wasn’t early in the year, and I’m not now. There’s some things that I want to see him continue to do, and he’ll be even more efficient. The thing that he’s doing to me that is impactful too is he’s guarding, and that’s our whole group, just everybody’s got to hold themselves to a standard and him in particular because he’s on the point of the ball. But when he’s picking up at a timeout or a free throw, those things I think are good for his mindset. And as you mentioned, he’s been efficient. There’s a couple situations I want to keep showing him where I think he can be even more efficient, but he’s doing a good job, he’s playing the right way.”