Photo: Orlando Magic/X

Orlando Magic star Paolo Banchero talked about elevating his game through winning and not just stats following Wednesday’s 121-111 road loss vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers (career-high 42 points).

(via Orlando Magic):

Reporter: “Obviously you’ve already gained many accolades for your first year and a half now in the league, but when you can go toe-to-toe with a guy like Donovan Mitchell, you score 42 points, does it kind of feel like you’re elevating your status game-by-game?”

Banchero: “Yeah. Obviously being a young player, you want to prove yourself against the best, and I want to be at the top. It takes having great game after [great] game, season after season, performance after performance, so just trying to be consistent and help this team get wins. Superstars are judged by not only stats, but how much their teams win. So, that’s always the main thing.”