ZalgirisWith no help coming from Kaunas municipality it looks that Zalgiris will lose its foreign players tomorrow. That's the deadine set by the players. They won't wait any longer for their wages. Their agents are actively searching for the new clubs so they shouldn't have any problems finding a new team. reports that Marcus Brown, Willie Deane, Loren Woods and Ratko Varda will leave the club tomorrow.

Lithuanian players are staying for now. Though their agents are also looking for the teams that could pay wages for the players.

"That's all, Euroleague is closed for all time", said Zalgiris' vice president Gediminas Navikauskas. The new season starts next week and Zalgiris will face Greek champions Panathinaikos. The minimal number of players registered for the game is 10 while Zalgiris will be able to play with 9 after Paulius Jankunas and Mantas Kalnietis injuries.

For braking this rule the team can be punished either by a huge fine or dropped from Euroleague. In any case it will be too tough for Zalgiris to take.

The money must reach the club in 24 hours if the players are kept with the team. Though this sounds impossible at the current situation. Gediminas Navikauskas believes that only a miracle could save Zalgiris.

He also expressed his beliefs that it was a planned action against Zalgiris in order to destroy the club. Financing was delayed in every step possible. Politicians are still talking calmly without any sign of worrying.

Will the best Lithuanian club become history?