Photo: Houston Rockets/X

Houston Rockets head coach Ime Udoka doesn’t think the team has been consistent enough yet (8-9 record/0-8 on the road).

(via Locked On Rockets):

“I think we’ve been tested all year. We’ve had our streaks, and we haven’t won on the road, so inconsistency has been our biggest thing. We won six in a row, lost three in a row a few times, and that’s the sign of inconsistency. You can rattle off that many in a row, and then lose that many. For us, I don’t really look at a stretch of what we have… I mean we do have days off in between and we’re playing some quality teams, but we’ve beaten quality teams this year so far. So, don’t look at it any different as far as the opponent, it’s more us getting back to what we did well.”