As the Los Angeles Clippers integrate James Harden into their star-studded lineup, Paul George reflects on the challenges of adjusting to a diminished usage rate.

The team, now boasting four superstars—Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden—faces the task of redefining roles.

In their recent victory against the Sacramento Kings, George contributed 19 points, three rebounds, and seven assists, showcasing the team’s evolving dynamics.

Acknowledging the need for adaptation, the 33-year-old forward emphasized the time required to find individual identities within the team’s revamped system.

“It’s going to take some time because you got to find how to be yourself when your usage rate isn’t going to be as high as it used to be and you know the possessions you were going to have. And so that’s going to take time to figure out who’s the new you in that system,” George remarked, as reported by Andrew Greif.