Photo: Peter Baba

On Hoops Tonight, Jovan Buha from The Athletic affirmed the Los Angeles Lakers’ interest in Zach LaVine, the Chicago Bulls’ guard.

However, he noted that there are a few other players from Chicago who could be more prioritized on Los Angeles’ wish list.

“I’ve actually heard that they’re more interested in DeMar DeRozan and Alex Caruso,” Buha said. “AC, he’s the one that got away. Lakers fans, it still bothers them.

“Inside the organization, it’s a very divisive topic. And then DeMar is someone that the Lakers have courted for several years. Both of those guys are on more manageable contracts (than LaVine).

“… I think both of those guys make more sense within what the Lakers need. There’s real interest in all three guys, but from what I’ve been told, DeMar and Alex are higher on their priority list.”