Photo: Denver Nuggets/Twitter

During Monday’s game in Detroit, both the Denver Nuggets coach Michael Malone, and the team’s superstar, Nikola Jokic, found themselves ejected in the first half.

From the confines of the locker room, they witnessed their team secure a 107-103 victory over the struggling Pistons.

“When you make a good play, we’re pumping our fists, we’re excited, we’re hugging,” Malone said. “And when you don’t make a good play, I’m cursing in Serbian.”

Throughout the closely contested game, there were instances when Malone had to seclude himself.

“I can’t just sit there,” he said. “I was in the back room, the training room, the locker room. And if (Detroit) went on a run, I’d go to a different room to see if I could switch the mojo up a little bit.”