Photo: Brooklyn Nets/Twitter

Ben Simmons and Jacque Vaughn had to put in significant effort to repair their initially strained relationship, as revealed by Marc J. Spears of Andscape.

Simmons candidly acknowledged the difficulties, describing the early stages of his association with Vaughn as “terrible,” attributing the friction to a lack of understanding and communication, exacerbated by the point guard’s frustration with his injury situation.

During the offseason, Vaughn made a conscious effort to bridge the gap, recognizing the importance of rebuilding their connection.

Vaughn attended Simmons’ workouts in Miami three times, signaling a genuine commitment to reestablishing trust.

Reflecting on the tumultuous season, Vaughn emphasized the need to set a new standard for their relationship, acknowledging the external pressures that affected both of them.

He clarified that there were no hard feelings on his part and outlined his expectations for Simmons, emphasizing his support for the talented player.

Simmons, in turn, recognized Vaughn’s efforts and expressed gratitude for the coach’s presence during his private training sessions. The renewed connection played a pivotal role in Simmons regaining confidence, both mentally and on the court.