Photo: Brooklyn Nets/Twitter

The Brooklyn Nets star guard Ben Simmons appears to be regaining his form from earlier seasons in the early part of the current NBA season, according to observations by Jeff Zilgitt of USA Today.

With reported improvements in his health, Simmons has demonstrated increased mobility and aggression, delivering stat lines that harken back to his All-Star performances.

“The past 24 months, not really having the ability to get on the court, it gave people a reason to pile on, and it gave them ammunition,” said his agent, Bernie Lee.

“He wasn’t physically ready to play and was under so much pressure to make an attempt to do it, and buying into a narrative with his competitive nature, he wanted to get back on court and quiet detractors.

“Having the ability to take a step back and have more time to complete rehab for his back has been cathartic and he has invested in the work. He has taken perspective (of) his own place in life, his career and with this team.”