Photo: Philadelphia 76ers/Twitter

The fallout between James Harden and Philadelphia 76ers’ president of basketball operations, Daryl Morey, stemmed from a contract dispute, specifically Harden’s concerns about the team’s purported intention to offer him a two-year deal with a team option, as reported by Ramona Shelburne of ESPN.

“According to league sources, Harden and his camp became convinced Morey only intended to offer him a two-year deal, with a team option on the second season, if he declined his $35.6 million player option and became a free agent at the end of June — essentially, turning Harden into a year-to-year player,” Shelbourne wrote.

Harden’s disillusionment with the 76ers escalated, ultimately leading to his request for a trade, which was eventually granted, sending him to the Clippers, fulfilling his desired move.

The rift between Harden and Morey deepened over financial concerns, contributing to the breakdown of their relationship, with Harden reportedly expressing no intentions to reconcile or communicate with Morey moving forward.

Morey addressed the situation during a recent press conference, saying that Harden’s decision to opt into his player option came before there were any talks about new contract.