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Despite the Philadelphia 76ers preventing James Harden from joining the team on their season-opening road trip, they remain firm in their trade discussions.

The Sixers are actively engaged in talks with the LA Clippers and are adamant about including Terance Mann in the proposed trade package.

One reason behind Philadelphia’s insistence on acquiring Mann is their knowledge that he was previously offered to the Portland Trail Blazers during the Clippers’ attempt to acquire Jrue Holiday.

However, Portland ended up trading Holiday to the Boston Celtics.

Up until now, the Clippers have resisted parting ways with Mann, as well as offering unprotected first-round picks and swaps.

Reports are suggesting that the Clippers believe they are the sole contender for Harden.

On the other hand, Philadelphia perceives that there is pressure on the Clippers, given that Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are pending free agents this summer.