Photo: Miami Hurricanes Men’s Basketball/Twitter

The Denver Nuggets bid farewell to Bruce Brown in the recent offseason, a departure widely viewed as a significant setback for the reigning champions.

However, Nuggets GM Calvin Booth holds a divergent perspective. He expresses optimism about the substantial progress expected from second-year wing Peyton Watson in the upcoming season.

In fact, Booth is so confident in Watson’s abilities that he believes Watson can effectively fill the void left by Brown, albeit through distinct contributions.

“Some of these teams were trying to get Bruce, trying to make it worth it; it’s like, just be careful what you wish for,” Booth said about the rivals that pursued Brown.

“Peyton’s bigger. He’s longer. He’s more athletic. He guards better. He passes better. He doesn’t have the experience, and he’s not as good offensively yet, but we need defense more than we need offense on our team.”