The 76ers’ new head coach, Nick Nurse, is garnering praise from his team as he introduces a more liberated offensive approach, allowing players like Tobias Harris to initiate offensive plays, a move that has reinvigorated the team’s dynamic on the court, write Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

According to P.J. Tucker, the diverse strategies implemented by Nurse ensure that every player gets involved, fostering a sense of inclusivity and engagement on the court, as demonstrated during the recent preseason home game against the Celtics, where various Sixers players had the chance to shine.

The new offensive scheme has resulted in impressive performances, with players like Jaden Springer, Tyrese Maxey, and Paul Reed stepping up to contribute double-figure scores, showcasing the effectiveness of the team’s newfound offensive flexibility and dynamism.

As observed by Harris, the changes have not only created a more dynamic and inclusive playing environment but have also emphasized the importance of fluid movement and maintaining a strong pace, even in the absence of key players like Joel Embiid and James Harden.