Photo: Dallas Mavericks/Twitter

As the Dallas Mavericks kicked off their training camp, Luka Doncic shared his optimism about building stronger chemistry with his co-star, Kyrie Irving.

The Slovenian superstar believes that having a full preseason together will significantly enhance their on-court connection.

Reflecting on their previous season, Doncic acknowledged the challenges they faced due to Irving joining the team in the middle of the campaign.

Without the benefit of a full training camp and preseason, they had limited time to develop their chemistry.

“I mean better for sure,” Doncic said, per Tim MacMahon of ESPN. “He came in the middle of the season last year, and we didn’t have much time. We went straight to playing games.

“It takes time to do chemistry, especially on the court, so we didn’t have the whole training camp and then I mean the preseason too. So I think it’s going to be way better.”