Nikola Jovic, who recently completed his rookie season in the NBA with the Miami Heat, had the opportunity to represent Serbia in the FIBA World Cup, where he played a pivotal role in their journey to the final, ultimately falling short against Germany.

Upon returning to Miami to prepare for his sophomore season, Jovic found himself amidst the prolonged Damian Lillard trade saga.

The Trail Blazers’ star guard had expressed his desire to join the Heat, yet more than two months later, the deal remained unresolved, with Jovic’s name occasionally linked to the trade discussions.

When asked whether the busy offseason provided a welcome distraction from the ongoing trade speculation, Jovic responded positively.

He told Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald, “Yeah, it did. It did help me for sure. You just concentrate on other things. I was just so concentrated on basketball there that I didn’t have time to think about what’s going to happen.”

Acknowledging the business nature of the NBA, Jovic maintained a pragmatic outlook, stating, “It’s a business. So what happens happens.”

However, he recognized the shift in perspective now that he’s back in Miami, where discussions surrounding the potential trade have garnered increased attention.

Despite the uncertainty, Jovic’s focus remains firmly on his game, embracing the ever-changing landscape of professional basketball.