Former NBA star Ralph Sampson didn’t hold back in his response to Gilbert Arenas’ recent comments disparaging Hakeem Olajuwon’s signature moves.

On his Gil’s Arena podcast, Arenas took a swipe at Olajuwon, implying that the two-time NBA champion’s legendary skills were outdated.

“Nobody wants the Hakeem Olajuwon sky hook,” Arenas declared. “He ain’t been good since the ’90s.”

Sampson, who played alongside Olajuwon during their time with the Houston Rockets, came to the defense of his former teammate on SiriusXM NBA Radio.

“Gilbert, I respect his game to whatever degree, but when you try to compare that to ‘The Dream,’ Hakeem Olajuwon, big man back in the day, the skill-set and the footwork that Hakeem had, [Arenas] needs to go back and look at some more film because I don’t think he really knows what the hell he’s talking about,” Sampson retorted, via HoopsHype. “You gotta understand that footwork, and the game today, is all about footwork.”