Photo: Atlanta Hawks/Twitter

John Collins, the former Atlanta Hawks forward, has finally expressed his heartfelt farewell to the organization and its fans, more than two months after being traded to the Utah Jazz for Rudy Gay and a future second-round pick.

The 25-year-old foreard took to Instagram to convey his gratitude and emotions, stating, “ATL… I know… I took my time with this one. But this one definitely stung.”

In his message, he reflected on his six-year journey with the Hawks, acknowledging the city of Atlanta for its swag, culture, and love. He thanked the organization for its unwavering support, especially during challenging times.

However, Collins also acknowledged the business side of the NBA, where decisions are made to facilitate growth and success.

He expressed his understanding that it was time for both him and the Hawks to part ways to pursue their respective paths.

Collins’ message was not only directed at the organization but also at his teammates, whom he referred to as his “brothers and OGs.” He emphasized the bonds forged on and off the court during his time in Atlanta.

As he embarks on a new chapter of his career with the Jazz, Collins left the door open for a potential return to Atlanta in the future, signing off with a heartfelt “BAPTIST OUT!” and the hashtag #Takenote.