Photo: LA Clippers/Twitter

The debate of who deserves the title of the greatest point guard of all time (GOAT) recently gained momentum when Warriors’ superstar Steph Curry confidently declared himself as the GOAT point guard, placing himself above the legendary Magic Johnson.

Among the voices chiming in on this topic was none other than NBA icon Michael Jordan, who sided with Magic Johnson.

Joining the conversation, Clippers’ star Paul George shared his insights on his podcast. George highlighted the uniqueness of the debate, emphasizing that there are no wrong answers when it comes to comparing two giants of the game.

“The thing about it is, bro, nobody’s wrong,” George expressed. “And this is why the debate stuff is starting to get so annoying at this point. Cause who going to be the person that be like ‘He’s right’? But neither one of them is wrong in this situation.”

George went on to elaborate on the attributes that make both Johnson and Curry worthy of the GOAT title. He acknowledged Magic’s groundbreaking impact during his era, praising his exceptional playmaking, creativity, and court vision.

In contrast, he recognized Steph Curry’s transformative influence on the point guard position, ushering in an era of shooting point guards.

“Magic Johnson is the GOAT in what he did in his era at his size, the way he could play-make, the way he could create, the way he saw the floor,” George explained. “Whereas Steph Curry revolutionized the point guard position to where now we see shooting point guards. We gotta highlight Magic cause he is the GOAT. Steph Curry is a GOAT.”

Furthermore, George emphasized that the evolution of the game ensures that there will always be new talents emerging to challenge and expand upon the legacies of players like Johnson and Curry.

“It’s gonna be people that come after Steph Curry that’s gonna challenge the legacy of what Steph Curry did,” George added.