Photo: Philadelphia 76ers/Twitter

Apparently, there were enticing figures around Joel Embiid’s special event in the wake of the ongoing offseason havoc within the Philadelphia 76ers.

According to league insider Marc Stein, New York Knicks key executives Leon Rose and William Wesley were both in attendance at the wedding of Embiid as the reigning league MVP exchanged vows with Sports Illustrated model Anne De Paula in late July.

While Rose and Wesley are the former agents of the superstar at the Creative Arts Agency (CAA) – which may suggest their appearance at the ceremony – Stein noted that their presence around Embiid’s wedding is considered “not nothing” in context.

With the 76ers facing a major standoff with the disgruntled James Harden in connection to his botched free agency desire, there were plenty of speculations swirling around Embiid being frustrated as well within the franchise’s current situation. His cryptic announcement of wanting to win a ring as well as his recent social media moves just shredded some interesting points about a probable split-up between him and the club.

As such, the Knicks are widely being pegged as a prime candidate to go and chase Embiid should the Cameroonian star desire to cut his ties in Philly. A Sixers insider even went on to detail why New York stands as a frontrunner should Embiid become available in the marketplace.

For now, it all boils down to how Philadelphia will be able to end their dramatic saga with James Harden which would leave a good impression on Embiid. Amid the pressuring situation, it was still even reported that the All-Star still desires to stick around with them for the meantime – a sign that the Sixers fans can still cling on despite this appearance from the two Knicks personnel.