Photo: Enes FREEDOM/Twitter

Ex-NCAA swim star Riley Gaines leads the push for fairness in women’s sports, prompting former NBA player Enes Kanter Freedom to join the cause. Kanter Freedom expressed concerns about biological males in female-only spaces, citing Gaines as his inspiration.

“I actually met Riley Gaines last year at the State of the Union. She’s a very brave woman and I think what she’s doing is amazing. She is one of the biggest voices in women’s sports. She was actually one of the athletes that inspired me. We both went to the same college – Kentucky,” said Kanter Freedom who was iced out of the NBA for being a vocal critic of communist China.

“So, no, not only her but many other women athletes are coming out and saying, ‘This is just not fair, enough is enough. We worked so hard our whole life to get to this point and now there’s someone who is not even a woman, who is a biological male, comes out and who is stronger, who is bigger, who is taller, and now we are trying to compete against him.’ Their interviews definitely inspired me a lot, big time.”