Photo: Houston Rockets/Twitter

2023 NBA champion Jeff Green answered a recent question on Run The Tape regarding the new look Houston Rockets.

(via ESPN):

Monica McNutt: “What excites you most about your next opportunity in Houston?”

Green: “It’s the group of guys that we have. We got a balance of both. No guys are my age, but we have guys who have done great things in this league. Fred [VanVleet], he’s won a championship. He knows what it takes. You got Dillon [Brooks], who’s played. His years as a defender, playing both sides of the floor with Memphis. He’s been in the playoffs, he knows how to get there. He knows how to play hard. He knows how to get under people’s skin, as you can see in these last couple of years. And we have some young guys. Jalen Green, I’m gonna say he’s my cousin, but we’re not really related, and Jabari [Smith Jr.]. Two young guys who are trying to make a name for themselves.

“So I think with that balance, and a great coach in Ime [Udoka], with that balance trying to teach them how to be pros, what it takes to win games, because that winning culture hasn’t been there the last couple of years. So I think we have what it takes to try to get in the playoffs. I know a lot of people would doubt that, but you gotta start somewhere, and I think if we all buy into what Ime wants and what he wants us to do, I think we have a chance to get there.”