Photo: USA Basketball/X

As Team USA maintains its winning streak in FIBA World Cup preparation games, securing a 98-88 victory over Spain in Malaga, Nets star Mikal Bridges shared his exhilaration about playing for the national team.

The 26-year-old small forward expressed his enthusiasm for the unique experience of competing on foreign soil, remarking via Joe Vardon of The Athletic, “I feel like all of us, we all live for the road games (in the NBA). Every time we see each other, I always say like, ‘I love playing against y’all at your spot.’”

Reflecting on the game against Spain, Bridges was captivated by the dramatic moments of the game, particularly the third quarter when Spain turned up the heat, “Atmosphere is contagious. And that’s funny. I was talking to my teammates about playing in the national championship, playing in the finals is just a different type of atmosphere.”

With the anticipation of the upcoming FIBA World Cup, Bridges expressed his gratitude for being part of the team and eagerly looks forward to the thrilling challenges that lie ahead.

Team USA’s journey continues with games against Greece and Germany in Abu Dhabi, as they fine-tune their strategies and form a cohesive unit to conquer the international stage.