Greece defeated Lithuania and won the Akropolis tournament once again, looking good for the upcoming Eurobasket. The game was close throughout, mostly because the Greeks once again missed lots of shots behind the arc. 16-15 after 10 minutes with Lietuva finding score from outside while Printezis and Antetokounmpo were dominant all around. Halftime score was 31-31 and the restart of the game found Greece struggling to stay on top since Lietuva outplayed them on the rebound totals. The winners got a decent 63-52 lead by the end and Kazlauskas’ team could not reach it, allowing Greece to celebrate the win behind Printezis’ 14 points.

The most exciting game if the tournament was between the Netherlands and Turkey with 2 overtimes. Turkey played great basketball after the jump ball getting a safe 31-11 lead, keeping it high until the end of the half, 53-35. Despite being a friendly game and even though the Netherlands lack on quality, they came up with a plan to make a comeback, reached the 30′ mark trailing 67-54 and stormed past Turkish defense several times only to equalise 74-74 before the end. Close game during both overtimes with the first one ending 86-86. A quick 5-0 run from Turkey gave them the 95-94 win, while De Jong’s shot got in and out at the buzzer. Hersek scored 21 for the Turkish side and Kloof added 25 for the Netherlands that got a standing ovation at the end of the match.