Photo: Brooklyn Nets/Twitter

Australia’s basketball community has been buzzing with discussions about Ben Simmons’ involvement in the national team. The 27-year-old point guard, who currently represents the Brooklyn Nets, has opted to skip national team duties this summer in order to focus on his health and preparation for the upcoming 2023-24 NBA season.

Despite his absence, the Australian Boomers’ head coach, Brian Goorjian, is clear about their approach to Simmons’ potential re-entry into the program.

Coach Goorjian addressed the situation in an interview with Olgun Uluc of ESPN, emphasizing the country’s support for Simmons while clarifying their stance on recruitment. He stated, “In my dealings with Ben, it’s always been: I’m not recruiting you… We’re not going, ‘please, Ben, please, we don’t have anything if you don’t play’. We’re not like that at all.”

Goorjian highlighted the positive aspects of Simmons’ potential participation, framing it as an opportunity for the player to be himself within the team’s dynamic and supportive culture.

He expressed, “You’re fantastic, and you’re a great player… this is gonna be a really good opportunity for him, and that I and the guys on the team, we care about him. We want him to have a great career.”