Greece, Turkey, Lithuania and Netherlands compete in the Akropolis Tournament in a pre-Eurobasket event. Here is a brief recap.

Game 1

The 27th Akropolis Tournament started today (27/8) with a tight game between two ambitious teams, Turkey and Lithuania, with the typically home team getting the win. The first period was close, 15-15, but Turkey soon took advantage 30-20 two minutes before the end of the half. Lithuania added 4 more before the end and achieved to overtake 41-47 couple of minutes before the 30-minute mark.

The Turkish team got a small 51-49 lead and soon after they increased it to finally win the game 71-53.Ilyasova had 13 points, added 13 rebounds and was the MVP for Turkey. Valanciunas shined for Lithuania with 14 points and 9 boards.

Game 2

The game many Greeks were waiting for took place right after, with the fans having the chance to welcome their team and boost their confidence for the upcoming Eurobasket. A good start got them clearly in front against Netherlands but a frequent rotation from coach Katsikaris allowed their opponents to reach within 2 points with 3 minutes left for the halftime. Greece got to the locker rooms in front 40-48.

Right after the restart, the home side stepped in the court decisively looking to create a safe lead. Less than 3 minutes gone, they were in front 62-40 with all players contributing offensively while the Dutch were not patient with the ball on their hands, resulting to many bad choices. 74-55 after 3 periods and not many things changed until the end, which found the Greeks winning 92-80 behind Antetokounmpo’s 22p.