Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

While many continue to raise their eyebrows about Chris Paul’s offseason inclusion to their side, Klay Thompson just stands delighted that he and the Golden State Warriors are about to experience a unique ride with their former rival and one of the all-time great floor generals ever.

On the teaser of the upcoming new episode of “Podcast P” with Paul George, Thompson reflected on the Paul trade executed by the Warriors as he believes that they are just bound for special things given the perfect blending they’ll create with their own game.

“I mean, we’re lucky.  He’s one of the greatest players ever. He’s top-75, he’s elevated every franchise he ran the point for,” Thompson stated.

“And me as a shooter, I’m excited. I just know CP (Chris Paul) is gonna put it right here on the seams, he’s gonna set me up nice. I’m gonna get a couple extra easy buckets every night. And he’s a winner. I’ve played against him so many times, you see how competitive he is. He’ll do anything to win, that’s the vibes we want.”

In an unexpected occurrence early this summer, the Warriors took a bold move by acquiring their former nemesis from the Washington Wizards in exchange for a parcel that featured Jordan Poole.

Thompson indeed has the perfect mindset about Paul joining their side amid the continuing speculations of how the star guard will be operated by Golden State. With Paul’s tactical playmaking, the Warriors just obtained another creative approach to how they’ll feed both Thompson and Stephen Curry’s deadly offensive load from deep.

To add up, even Steve Kerr got high optimism from Paul helping to manage their errors and miscues per possession. Last 202-23 season, the Dubs tallied a costly league-worst 16.3 turnovers.

Regardless of another chatter if Paul will be able to find himself starting or not, there is truly no doubt that he’ll be able to help the Warriors on their quest to be back on top.