In a recent interview on The Pat Bev Podcast, Tracy McGrady reflected on the remarkable careers of some NBA legends, particularly focusing on Michael Jordan and his partnership with Scottie Pippen.

McGrady acknowledged the greatness of players like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, who were fortunate to have a strong supporting cast of Hall of Famers during their careers. He also praised Jordan, stating that although he didn’t have a plethora of Hall of Famers around him, his collaboration with Scottie Pippen was game-changing.

“Jordan was just a great individual player until Scottie Pippen became Scottie Pippen,” McGrady said. “Their partnership was crucial to his success. Before that, Jordan wasn’t getting out of the first round or going deep into the playoffs.”

The conversation shed light on the significance of player pairings and the remarkable impact they can have on individual and team success in the world of basketball.