Photo: Denver Nuggets/Twitter

Kyle Lowry has been in the league for 17 seasons, but he hasn’t seen anything spectacular like the Nikola Jokic-Jamal Murray combo since the simple, yet powerful partnership of the two iconic players down in Texas.

In his Finals media availability on Saturday, the Miami Heat veteran likened the Jokic and Murray one-two punch as similar as the Tim Duncan-Tony Parker union in terms of ultimate chemistry between a guard and a big man.

“I’m pretty old in this game now. I played Tim Duncan and Tony Parker. Honestly, that’s a great combination that I got an opportunity to play against. I mean, Jamal and Jokic is just, they are just deadly because they both could score, pass the ball, they’re the big targets and they have a great feel for each other,” Lowry said.

“That combination is—they’re very, very good.”

The comparison is indeed sky high, considering that Duncan and Parker – alongside Manu Ginobili – merged themselves to lead the San Antonio Spurs to a basketball dynasty that resulted in five championships in nearly 20 years.

Nearly two years has been a tiring wait for the Denver Nuggets fans to finally see both of their two focal guys to merge their complementing skills for that pursuit of the game’s greatest prize. As such, this year’s postseason has been a perfect, magnificent platform for both Jokic and Murray to showcase once again their topnotch collaboration.

With their beautiful, yet lethal fusion of passing and scoring, Jokic and Murray have 93 assists to each other in 16 playoff games this year. As the two-time MVP leads the postseason in assists averages (10.3), his floor command can’t even be more perfect to pair up in Murray’s offensive explosion as the Canadian star is tallying 27.6 points in his playoff form.

Back in their Finals opener win against the Heat, both Jokic (27 points and 14 assists) and Murray (26 points and 10 assists) just became the second tandem since Magic Johnson/James Worthy in 1987 to each have 25 points and 10 assists in an NBA Finals game.

For head coach Michael Malone, the countless perfect plays involving Jokic and Murray is only the absolute product of both stars’ years of bond and craftsmanship as the cornerstones of the Nuggets franchise.

“They’ve played together for seven years now. And we’ve been in a lot of big games, obviously never in Finals before, but Jamal and Nikola have been a potent two-man game for many, many years now,” Malone said.

“They know how to communicate with each other without even speaking, just reading and playing off of each other.”