Renowned European basketball agent Misko Raznatovic has expressed his admiration for the organization and atmosphere of the EuroLeague Final Four, which took place in Kaunas, Lithuania over the weekend. Despite initial skepticism about Kaunas hosting the event, Raznatovic admitted that his worries were unfounded.

In his tweet, Raznatovic acknowledged his relaxed experience during the Final Four, emphasizing the exceptional efforts made by Zalgiris Kaunas and the city of Kaunas to ensure a successful tournament. He praised their dedication and expressed his sincere congratulations for their outstanding work.

“I may have been skeptical about Kaunas being the host of F4 this year but I was wrong to worry and I admit it. I don’t rememeber a F4 during which I felt as relaxed as I did there. Sincere congratulations to @bczalgiriskaunas and to Kaunas for everything they did past weekend,” Raznatovic tweeted.

The Final Four featured four top European basketball teams: Barcelona, Monaco, Olympiacos, and Real Madrid. After intense semifinal matchups, Olympiacos defeated Monaco and Real Madrid emerged victorious against Barcelona. In the third-place game, Monaco secured a win over Barcelona, while Real Madrid claimed the EuroLeague championship by defeating Olympiacos in the final.