Photo: Peter Baba

The Memphis Grizzlies star guard Morant released a statement on Tuesday night taking accountability and vowing the work on himself.

In a speech on Undisputed on Wednesday, former NFL star Shannon Sharpe said to co-host Skip Bayless: “Skip, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of ChatGPT.

“They explained it to me. You could say ‘Write me a love letter’ … and you can pass it off. It’s AI-generated. In order for an apology, it needs to be sincere and it needs to be in your words. Some of the wording needs to be in things you would say.

“It can’t be all by a PR team or people are going to say it’s disingenuous. Ja doesn’t talk like this. Everyone is looking like ‘What’? 

“They’re going to drop the hammer on him. Skip, they are going to punish him. I wish I could say he’s going to get 16-24 games, but they’re going to punish him. He didn’t learn his lesson.”