Draymond Green returned to action for the Warriors in Game 4 after missing Game 3 due to a suspension. But it didn’t take long for the four-time NBA champion to draw attention from the referees.

Six minutes into the first quarter Green received a technical foul for his altercation with De’Aaron Fox. The Golden State forward says that whether people like it or not, he is not changing himself.

“I’m still here. And don’t sh*t change. Still here,” he said postgame. “And ain’t no tech moving me off my square. Fox felt the need to stand up for his guy. I respect it. Respect that 100 percent.

“But I’m still here and don’t nothing changed me. Been this way for 33 years. I pray I can be this way for 33 more. And it won’t just be basketball, right? That comes to an end. But I am who I am. And everything else just is what it is.

“You don’t like it? I’m sorry. Not really, but sorry. I like people to feel good, that’s one thing in my life I really appreciate is people feeling good. So, if this one makes you not feel so good, I apologize. But I am who I am.”