Marc GasolMarc Gasol is still considering his future wether to stay in Spain or start his NBA career. He was named the MVP of the strongest domestic league in Europe, Spain. Arch rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid are ready to offer him huge contract. Young brother of Pau Gasol could follow the footsteps of his brother as he is wanted by Memphis Grizzlies.

Spanish newspaper Marca writes that Marc Gasol has three or fours serious options for the next season. One of the fastest growing stars in Europe have to choose wether to stay in Europe and be a star or go to NBA and start everything from zero.

On the other hand Memphis Grizzlies is a team where Marc Gasol could expect to get more minutes on the court rather than on the bench.

If he decides to stay in Europe, choice between Barcelona and Real Madrid is also not the easiest one. Barca have been struggling for the past few years. Real Madrid are ambitious after a season which ended in failure.

Gasol is not going to rush when making the most important decision in his career so far.