Photo: Cleveland Cavaliers/Twitter

The Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly targeting a postseason matchup that they view as very much desirable for their plans.

Per Chris Fedor of, there are private murmurs inside the Cavs organization that the club prefers to face the Brooklyn Nets, given the dramatic phases they’ve gone through this 2022-23 campaign.

“No one inside the organization would say this publicly – and they shouldn’t. But multiple people I’ve spoken to recently are privately hoping for a Brooklyn matchup. It’s easy to understand why.

Brooklyn was 32-20 at the time it dealt Kyrie Irving – a move that preceded Kevin Durant’s departure. While the Nets haven’t completely imploded since those two megadeals, their organizational ceiling has lowered considerably, and they no longer pose the same challenge in a seven-game series.”

Obviously having an encounter with the Nets will offer such a comforting feeling for the contender to make it at least the second round, knowing that their opponent took a major reconstruction and is now without two of the most talented stars in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Besides, Mikal Bridges, though producing solid numbers, will only continue to get familiarized as the team’s newest main man upon settling on a tertiary role in the past with the Phoenix Suns.

These perspectives by Cavs can’t be denied with Spencer Dinwiddie agreeing to their current status in Brooklyn.

“If I had the choice of playing a team that just got put together three weeks ago versus playing Giannis [Antetokounmpo], or something of that nature…I mean, I think that’d be the most logical answer you could give. So, I don’t think it’s bulletin board material.”

Cleveland fills the fourth-best record in the East with a 46-28 record, but it seems that they are slated to face the fifth-placed New York Knicks (42-31) which leads 2.5 games over Brooklyn (39-33).